Champion Claim Service, Inc. is one of the few Independent Claim Management companies which, in additional to providing all of the normal investigating services, is also engaged in the areas of Medical Management and Rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation takes on many forms and includes, but is not limited to, Case Management, Vocational Rehabilitation, Counseling, on site Job Analysis, review of medical records, assessment of claimant injuries, and all other activities in the total Rehabilitation process.

Champion Claim Service, Inc. Staff Members are properly certified in the area of Vocational Rehabilitation and Case Management. Those certified are certified through the National Certification process with required continuing education.

Third Party Administration

Champion Claim Service, Inc. provides Third Party Administration services in all lines. All of the services that are offered by Champion Claim Service, Inc. are available to those clients utilizing the Company as a Third Party Administrator.

Medical Bill Review and Audit

Champion Claim Service, Inc. is able to provide a complete Bill Audit Service in various state jurisdictions in accord with Workers Compensation and the Automobile Financial Responsibility Laws.

These services include not only the bills of medical providers but prescription bills, durable medical equipment, et cetera.

This capability allows Champion Claim Service, Inc. greater flexibility in assisting the client in the control of medical expenses and proper payment of medical bills.

Availability of Services

We provide service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. During non-business hours, including weekends and holidays, we maintain a 24 hour "live" answering service. Calls may be placed through the answering service to the home of any Staff Member for those "after hours" assignments. When requested, Staff member home telephone numbers are given to the client who may wish to call a particular Staff Member directly in the event of an "after hours" assignment.

We maintain a Nationwide 800 number, which operates 24 hours per day. Our normal business number as well as our Fax number also operates 24 hours per day.

We regularly provide service throughout the entire State of Pennsylvania. All other areas by request.

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